Inquire about Workplace Wellness Sessions
Rest and RelaxationSelf InquiryPractice YogaTo bond with like minded HumansImprove physical health and fitnessHealthy Eating and NutritionExplore a new placeOther
Ayurveda/Food as MedicineCooking ClassesMeditationOutdoor Activities and HikesSilent ActivitiesSpa Treatments and MassageWritingUnstructured TimeCultural ExplorationWine TastingOther
Vinyasa/Power FlowYin/RestorativeAshtangaTherapeutic Yoga/PilatesLaughter YogaMat PilatesEquipment PilatesOther
I am willing to share a roomI am willing to sleep in bunk bedsI am willing to share a bedI prefer hotel-like accommodationsI prefer more rustic accommodations (cot, sleeping pad, dormitory style, etc)I prefer campingI prefer more upscale accommodationsI prefer transportation to be included in the priceI prefer transportation to be an optional add onI prefer to find my own transportationOther
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