Daniela is my Pilates instructor for 1:1 training and reformer classes. She’s a great trainer who is dedicated to her craft. I have multiple cardiac and valve issues limiting intensity of cardiovascular exercise. When I started 1 year ago, I could barely do intense exercises due to breathing issues from my leaking mitral valve. Daniela carefully crafted exercises to build my stamina and focus on Pilates breathing. It’s amazing what I can do now. I can attend a class and actually do all of the floor exercises. Years ago before my disease, I went to an instructor who worked from home. I never did the exercises I’m doing now. Medications made it hard before I started Pilates to lose weight. But I’m half way to my goal weight and my shape is well defined which is an added bonus!

Jody M.

I have had many sport injuries and surgeries, rehab, modalities, you name it through the years. And after several bad experiences from gym rats who are clueless about real and permanent injuries and the dominoes they create had just about given up. No exaggeration, for 20 years I’ve walked into yoga and Pilates studios asking if they work with rehab clients and they all said yes. But when my follow up question was, “What qualifications do the instructors have for doing rehab?” they looked at me like a deer in headlights and replied, well we’ve done it for many years. Then I walked out.  Amazingly, this time the answer was different, “As a matter of fact she’s a Kinesiologist, would you like to meet her? I met with her, liked what I heard enough to schedule an initial private lesson and have been working with her for ten months. Finally someone who knew what I was talking about! She is unbelievable and knows exactly how to make adjustments to still accomplish and work the intended muscles and core without risking further injury.  I am so thankful Daniela is in my life. My core is getting stronger, I’m in less pain, and my spirit is improving too. TA-DA (insert trumpet fanfare and angels singing)!

Anita H.

I always look forward to Friday mornings with Daniela. Daniela’s class begins with a thorough warm up that makes you ready and eager to start the core practice. Daniela’s class is challenging but she makes it possible for all who attend to work every pose by demonstrating varying levels of each pose. Each class ends with a calming cool down. In addition to the asana practice Daniela includes additional aspects of Yoga including breathing techniques, meditation and many of the other areas of Yoga in each class. The only way to improve this class would be to offer more classes by Daniela throughout each week.

Bridget S.

Daniela demonstrates and tells us in her easy listening gentle voice exactly how to do the poses. She walks around the class to insure we are doing the poses correctly with attention to detail showing us minor adjustments if needed. She is very knowledgeable and if someone asks a question, she answers it with kindness. She brings variety to the class and gives us different options for different levels of experience. Daniela brings wonderful energy to our yoga practice. I feel the balanced energy in her class and at the end, during Savasana, I feel the calmness and leaving the class with her inspiring words. She shows up for class fully present. I am blessed and humbled to have her as an instructor.

Barbara S.

For the last six months I have had the great opportunity to develop a weekly yoga practice with Daniela Caesar-Roden. What can I say about Daniela besides the fact that she is tiny and mighty, lots. I have practiced yoga for about 5 years now and have had some of the most gifted yoga teachers in a class and private setting. Daniela stands a notch above. What I love about the style in which Daniela tends to her practice and students is that she is heart present with individuals in her group as well as present to the collective nature of us all combined. In as much that she tends to the collective impact we have to each other in our small group she also brings in the universal component as to why we even practice yoga at all. In addition to demonstrating precision with her craft she is so creative with her style of teaching that there is a flair of anticipation from her students as to what will she surprise us with this week. Often times she incorporates positions that are very different and unique to our practices and still at our appropriate level. Daniela loves her job and cares about her students and it is evident each week with the preparation that is demonstrated with her weekly group practice. In addition to being careful that her students have proper alignment and safely engage in their practice, Daniela encourages her students to set their personal intentions and practice with their hearts. She incorporates those beautiful traits we sometimes call virtues: kindness, compassion and service. The first time Daniela placed her small and gentle hands on me during Savasana I was so moved with the enormous sense that for that moment I was being cared for. Anyone who is graced by her presence and yoga practice can only be but enriched.

Maureen B.

Daniela is the best instructor I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and the best way to use the exercise techniques to provide the best results. She is also a very nice young lady and a pleasure to work with which makes the tough workouts almost fun.

Sarah D.

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